Spain 2018


From 6th to 8th of June, 2018, University of Almería (Spain) hosted the International Congress of Body Image & Health (BIAH 2018). This event offered an opportunity for the sharing of new research and experiences that constitute recent advances in the area of body image and health, and contribute to the training of current and future professionals across different fields such as physical activity, health, psychology and education. The congress was attended by some of the members of the International Academy of Body image, Eating Problems and Health from countries such as Australia, the United States, Italy and Canada after the meeting that the Academy had in the days before the BIAH 2018 at the University of Almería (see video).

The BIAH Congress 2018 dealt with a large range of topics including body image disorders, positive body image, eating disorders, sociocultural influences on body image, embodiment, interventions for improving body image, psychophysiological processes and body image, body image throughout the life cycle, assessment of body image and new disorders associated, among others.

Below some of the conferences given by the members of the Academy at the BIAH Congress 2018 hold in Almería:
  • Professor David Mellor, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

    Conference: « Cultural differences in body satisfaction: Sociocultural influences and psychological outcome« 

  • Professor Marita McCabe, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

    Conference: « Prevention and intervention programs among pre-adolescent and adolescent boys« 

  • Dr. Rachel Rodgers, North Easten University, Boston, USA.

    Conference: “Selling dissatisfaction: “Media and macro level influences on body dissatisfaction”.


  • Professor Gianluca Lo Coco, University of Palermo, Italy.

    Conference: “The clinical characteristics of patients with binge eating disorder and obesity

  • Dr. Mathew Fuller-Tyszkewicz, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

    Conference: “Body image in everyday life

  • Professor Annie Amié, University of Quebec, Quebec.

    Conference: “Body imagen in the context of weight-based bullying”


  • Dr. Gian Mauro Manzoni, Instituto Auxologico Italiano IRCCS, Verbania, Italy, and Dr. Giada Pietrabissa, Catholic University of Milan, Italy.

    Conference: “Fatorexia and Drunkorexia: Two new clinical features in the field of eating disorders

  • Professor Alvaro Sicilia and Dr. Antonio Granero-Gallegos, University of Almería

    Conference: “Body imagen and exercise addiction