Memory of Gurin

The issues were published by the Compatriotic Union of Gurin
from 1930 to 1933 under the direction of Suren Surenian.

Vol. I (Year 1), No. 1, November 1930

Vol. II (Year 2), No. 5-6, August-December 1932

Vol. III (Year 3), No. 7, August 1933

Credits: The original copy of Vol. II, No. 5-6 was accessed at the Mesrob G. Boyajian Library
at the AMA in Watertown MA. Dr. Meliné (Jamgotchian) Karakashian shared her copies
of No. 1 and No. 7, originally obtained from Arshalloys Kizirian. All issues were digitized by
Luc Vartan Baronian.