Gurin's Remembrances

Under the direction of Levon Hekimian, a total of ten issues were published by the Compatriotic Union of Gurin between 1976 and 1981. The first four issues were not numbered, but I ordered them based on the dates of letters that appear inside the issues. The relevance to Gurintsi life varies from one issue to another, but the inclusion of an 1828 census of Gurin is a noteworthy contribution.

Introductory issue (circa December 1976)
A trip to Gürün (1/2) (circa July 1977)
A trip to Gürün (2/2) (circa December 1977)
Issue beginning with Krikor Vrt. Gergerian (circa July 1978)
Issue #5, December 1978
Issue #6, July 1979
Issue #7, January 1980
Issue #8, July 1980
Issue #9 (please contact me if you own a copy)
Issue #10, December 1981

Credits: The introductory issue, A trip to Gürün (2/2), the issue beginning with Krikor Gergerian, issues #6 and #10 are from the collection of the Mesrob G. Boyajian Library at the AMA (Watertown MA). A trip to Gürün (1/2), issues #5 and #8 are from the Mardigian Library collection at NAASR (Belmont MA). Aram Arkun of the Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center , Ani Babaian of NAASR, Denis Der Sarkissian, Dr. Meliné (Jamgotchian) Karakashian, Kayane Karakashian, Gary Lind-Sinanian of the AMA and Michel Pazoumian provided invaluable assistance in locating the issues. All issues were digitized by Luc Vartan Baronian.