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La communauté de l’UQAC en publication (mai 2013)

La bibliothèque Paul-Émile-Boulet est heureuse de présenter les parutions scientifiques du mois de mai publiées par les membres de la communauté universitaire de l’UQAC. Ces publications sont recensées dans les banques de données Web of Science et Scopus.

Allaire, S. (2012). A comparison of the reinvestment of collaborative asynchronous discourse observed by two main actors of pre-service teacher education.

Amirjavid, F., & McHeick, H. (2010). Surveying time aspect in web-based distributed model based on service oriented computing.

D’Orangeville, L., Côté, B., Houle, D., & Morin, H. (2013). The effects of throughfall exclusion on xylogenesis of balsam fir. Tree Physiology, 33(5), 516-526.

Gaboury, S., & Tremblay, R. (2013). Application of a Taylor-like expansion theorem involving fractional derivatives to multivariable H-function. Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics (Kyungshang), 23(2), 287-299.

Garneau, F. X., Collin, G. J., Jean, F. I., Gagnon, H., & Arze, J. B. L. (2013). Essential oils from Bolivia. XIII. Myrtaceae: Blepharocalyx salicifolius (Kunth.) O. Berg. Journal of Essential Oil Research, 25(3), 166-170.

Kocaefe, D., Kocaefe, Y., Younsi, R., Oumarou, N., & Lekounougou, S. T. (2013). Mathematical modeling of the high temperature treatment of birch in a prototype furnace. Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2013.

Larouche, M., Massé, A. B., Gaboury, S., & Hallé, S. (2013). Solving equations on words through Boolean satisfiability.

Liu, K., Cao, X., & Chen, X. G. (2013). Formation and phase selection of iron-rich intermetallics in Al-4.6Cu-0.5Fe cast alloys. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, 44(2), 682-695.

Maier, W. D., Rasmussen, B., Fletcher, I. R., Li, C., Barnes, S. J., & Huhma, H. (2013). The Kunene anorthosite complex, Namibia, and its satellite intrusions: Geochemistry, geochronology, and economic potential. Economic Geology, 108(5), 953-986.

Marecková, K., Chakravarty, M. M., Huang, M., Lawrence, C., Leonard, G., Perron, M., . . . Paus, T. (2013). Does skull shape mediate the relationship between objective features and subjective impressions about the face? NeuroImage, 79, 234-240.

McHeick, H. (2012). Applying ADD model to enhance quality of SOA applications. International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking, 8(4), 67-83.

Mohamed, A. M. A., Samuel, F. H., & kahtani, S. A. (2013). Microstructure, tensile properties and fracture behavior of high temperature Al-Si-Mg-Cu cast alloys. Materials Science and Engineering A, 577, 64-72.

Nekahi, A., & Farzaneh, M. (2013). Local thermodynamic equilibrium of an arc over an ice surface. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 20(3), 727-730.

Piña, R., Gervilla, F., Barnes, S. J., Ortega, L., & Lunar, R. (2013). Partition coefficients of platinum group and chalcophile elements between arsenide and sulfide phases as determined in the Beni Bousera Cr-Ni mineralization (North Morocco). Economic Geology, 108(5), 935-951.

Ragab, K. A., Abdel-Karim, R., Bournane, M., Farag, S., El-Raghy, S. M., & Ahmed, H. A. (2013). Corrosive wear characteristics of bronze friction resisting composites. Tribology – Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces, 7(1), 52-59.

Ragab, K. A., Samuel, A. M., Al-Ahmari, A. M. A., Samuel, F. H., & Doty, H. W. (2013). Influence of Fluidized Bed Quenching on the Mechanical Properties and Quality Index of T6 Tempered B319.2-Type Aluminum Alloys. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 1-14.

Saha, S., Kocaefe, D., Boluk, Y., & Pichette, A. (2013). Surface degradation of CeO2 stabilized acrylic polyurethane coated thermally treated jack pine during accelerated weathering. Applied Surface Science, 276, 86-94.

Sutiashvili, M. G., Alaniya, M. D., Mshvildadze, V. D., Skhirtladze, A. V., Pichette, A., & Lavoie, S. (2013). Flavonoid and cycloartane glycosides from seeds of Koelreuteria paniculata. Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 1-3.

Wang, H., Porter, W. D., Böttner, H., König, J., Chen, L., Bai, S., . . . Kiss, L. (2013). Transport properties of bulk thermoelectrics: An international round-robin study, part II: Thermal diffusivity, specific heat, and thermal conductivity. Journal of Electronic Materials, 42(6), 1073-1084.

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