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21 novembre 2013

La communaut√© de l’UQAC en publication (octobre 2013)

Classé sous: Publications UQAC — jppoulio @ 15 h 44 min

La biblioth√®que Paul-√Čmile-Boulet est heureuse de pr√©senter les parutions scientifiques du mois d’octobre publi√©es par les membres de la communaut√© universitaire de l¬íUQAC. Ces publications sont recens√©es dans les banques de donn√©es Web of Science et Scopus.

Aliravci, C. A., Gruzleski, J. E. & Pekg√ľlery√ľz, M. O. (2013). A Thermodynamic Study of Metastable Al-Fe Phase Formation in Direct Chill (DC)-Cast Aluminum Alloy Ingots. In Essential readings in light metals (Vol. 3, pp. 466-474).

Amirjavid, F., Bouzouane, A. & Bouchard, B. (2013). Data driven conceptual structures for simultaneous activities. Compte-rendu.

Amirjavid, F., Bouzouane, A. & Bouchard, B. (2013). Intelligent temporal data driven world actuation in ambient environments: Case study: Anomaly recognition and assistance provision in smart home. Compte-rendu.

Arze, J. B. L., Collin, G., Garneau, F. X., Jean, F. I. & Gagnon, H. (2013). Essential Oils from Bolivia. XI. Verbenaceae: Aloysia gratissima (Gillies & Hook.) Tronc. and Boraginaceae: Cordia chacoensis Chodat. Journal of Essential Oil-Bearing Plants, 16(4), 545-550.

Bahoura, M. & Ezzaidi, H. (2013). Hardware implementation of MFCC feature extraction for respiratory sounds analysis. Compte-rendu.

Baptiste, P., Rebaine, D. & Brika, Z. (2012). Loading trucks from a conyeyor with automated vehicle. Chargement de v√©hicules √† l’aide d’un convoyeur, 46(8), 835-854.

Bouchard, K., Bouzouane, A. & Bouchard, B. (2013). Discovery of topological relations for spatial Activity Recognition. Compte-rendu.

Bouchard, K., Fortin-Simard, D., Gaboury, S., Bouchard, B. & Bouzouane, A. (2013). Accurate Trilateration for Passive RFID Localization in Smart Homes. International Journal of Wireless Information Networks, 1-16.

Boudreault, A., Bouchard, J., Bouchard, B., Bouzouane, A. & Lussier-Desrochers, D. (2013). Intelligent homes for individuals with mild intellectual disability: Adapting prompting strategies to the patient’s learning profile. Compte-rendu.

Bui, R., Dernedde, E., Charette, A. & Bourgeois, T. (2013). Mathematical Simulation of a Horizontal Flue Ring Furnace. In Essential readings in light metals (Vol. 4, pp. 386-389).

Bui, R. T. & Ouellet, R. (2013). Optimal Fuel Control of a Casting Furnace. In Essential readings in light metals (Vol. 3, pp. 13-20).

Caboussat, A., Kiss, L., Rappaz, J., Vékony, K., Perron, A., Renaudier, S. & Martin, O. (2011). Large Gas Bubbles under the Anodes of Aluminum Electrolysis Cells (pp. 581-586).

Gaboury, S. & Tremblay, R. (2013). A note on some new series of special functions. Integral Transforms and Special Functions.

Garneau, F. X., Collin, G. J., Jean, F. I., Gagnon, H. & Arze, J. B. L. (2013). Essential oils from Bolivia. XII. Asteraceae: Ophryosporus piquerioides (D.C.) Benth. ex Baker. Journal of Essential Oil Research, 25(5), 388-393.

Gauvin, H., Moreau, C., Lefebvre, J. F., Laprise, C., Vézina, H., Labuda, D. & Roy-Gagnon, M. H. (2013). Genome-wide patterns of identity-by-descent sharing in the French Canadian founder population. European Journal of Human Genetics.

Huang, J. G., Stadt, K. J., Dawson, A. & Comeau, P. G. (2013). Modelling Growth-Competition Relationships in Trembling Aspen and White Spruce Mixed Boreal Forests of Western Canada. PLoS ONE, 8(10).

Jafari, R. & Farzaneh, M. (2013). Development a simple method to create the superhydrophobic composite coatings. Journal of Composite Materials, 47(25), 3125-3129.

Kiss, L. I., Meenken, T., Charette, A., Lefebvre, Y. & Levesque, R. (2013). Effect of Water Quality and Water Type on the Heat Transfer in DC Casting. In Essential readings in light metals. (Vol. 3, pp. 696-703).

Kiss, L. I. & Poncs√°k, S. (2013). Effect of the Bubble Growth Mechanism on the Spectrum of Voltage Fluctuations in the Reduction Cell. In Essential readings in light metals (Vol. 2, pp. 402-408).

Legault, J., C√īt√©, P. A., Ouellet, S., Simard, S. & Pichette, A. (2013). Iso-caryophyllene cytotoxicity induced by lipid peroxidation and membrane permeabilization in L-929 cells. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, 3(8), 25-31.

Li, Z., Zhu, X., Lu, H. & Han, T. (2013). The occurrence of gold in pyrite from the Liulincha gold ore belt, western Hunan Province, China. Chinese Journal of Geochemistry, 32(4), 392-397.

Marceau, D., Pilote, S., Désuets, M., Bilodeau, J., Hacini, L. & Caratini, Y. (2011). Advanced Numerical Simulation of the Thermo-Electro-Mechanical Behaviour of Hall-Heroult Cells under Electrical Preheating. In Light metals (pp. 1041-1046).

Mohamed, A. M. A., Jafari, R. & Farzaneh, M. (2013). An optimization of superhydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride/zinc oxide materials using Taguchi method. Applied Surface Science, 288, 229-237.

Schwartz, D. H., Leonard, G., Perron, M., Richer, L., Syme, C., Veillette, S., … Paus, T. (2013). Visceral fat is associated with lower executive functioning in adolescents. International Journal of Obesity, 37(10), 1336-1343.

Simard, F., Pichette, A. & Legault, J. (2012). New Bioactive Natural Products from Canadian Boreal Forest (pp. 241-258).

Sioud, A., Gravel, M. & Gagné, C. (2012). New crossover operator in a hybrid genetic algorithm for the single machine scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times. Compte-rendu.

Taheri, S., Farzaneh, M. & Fofana, I. (2013). Equivalent surface conductivity of ice accumulated on insulators during development of AC and DC flashovers arcs. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 20(5), 1789-1798.

Talhi, M., Fofana, I. & Flazi, S. (2013). Comparative study of the electrostatic charging tendency between synthetic ester and mineral oil. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 20(5), 1598-1606.

Talla, A. S. F., Mfoumou, E., Jeson, S., Pagé, J. S. Y. D. & Erchiqui, F. (2013). Mechanical and structural properties of a novel melt processed PET-hemp composite: Influence of additives and fibers concentration. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 32(20), 1526-1533.

Thongam, J. S., Beguenane, R., Tarbouchi, M., Okou, A. F., Merabet, A., Fofana, I. & Bouchard, P. (2013). A rotor speed estimation algorithm in variable speed permanent magnet synchronous generator wind energy conversion system. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 23(16), 1880-1890.

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8 novembre 2013

Exposition sur les fêtes du 175e de la région

Classé sous: Expositions — jppoulio @ 15 h 09 min

Dans le cadre des f√™tes du 175e anniversaire de la r√©gion, la biblioth√®que a concoct√© une exposition portant sur la r√©gion, question de bien finir l’ann√©e! Tous les livres se retrouvent dans le pr√©sentoir √† l’entr√©e de la biblioth√®que.

Audet, B. (2003). Le Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean : jadis et nagu√®re. Sainte-Foy, Qu√©bec: √Čditions GID. FC2945 S129A899.2003

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Beaulieu, C. (1999). De Magloire à Alexandre Gagnon, conquérants du Royaume. Chicoutimi: Editions Ashuapmushuan. HC112.5 A2 G135 B377.1999

Beaulieu, C. (2001). L’alliance √©cossaise au Qu√©bec. Chicoutimi: √Čditions du Patrimoine. HC112.5 A2 B377 A436.2001

Beaulieu, C. (2004). Les Tremblay « Picot√© » ma√ģtres d’oeuvre de l’entrepreneuriat. Chicoutimi: Les √Čditions du Patrimoine. HC112.5 A2 B377T789.2004

Bellemare, Y. (2001). Le Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. Sainte-Foy, Qu√©bec: √Čditions GID. FC2945 S129.4 B439.2001

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Bouchard, L. & Gagnon, J. (2003). Arrondissement de Chicoutimi : capitale commerciale. Chicoutimi: Société historique du Saguenay. FC2945S129.1 C1323

Bouchard, L. & Lalancette, M. (2003). Arrondissement de La Baie : berceau de notre histoire. Chicoutimi: Société historique du Saguenay. FC2945S129.1 C1323

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Bouchard, R. (1989). Le Saguenay des fourrures : 1534-1859 : histoire d’un monopole. Chicoutimi-Nord, Qu√©bec: R. Bouchard. FC2945 S129.5 B752 1989

Bouchard, R. (2002). L’exploration du Saguenay par J.-L. Normandin en 1732 : au coeur du domaine du roi. Sillery, Quebec: Septentrion. FC2945 S129.4 B7526 E96.2002

Bouchard, R. (2008). Dans les langes m√©tisses des Terres-Rompues : le cas de l’alliance d’affaires Gagnon-Kessy-Murdock. Chik8timitch, Saguenay: [R. Bouchard]. FC2945 S129.8 M4 B752 D191 2008

Bouchard, R. (2012). Chroniques d’histoire du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean : du r√™ve √† la r√©alit√©. Chicoutimi, Qu√©bec: R. Bouchard. FC2949 S129.5 B752 2012

Bouchard, R. (2013). Naissance d’une nouvelle humanit√© au coeur du Qu√©bec : √©tude sur les origines de 26 familles souches du peuple M√©tis de la Bor√©alie. Chicoutimi: Russel Bouchard. P2-8112 (√ģlot-03)

Caron, J. & Centre national d’exposition de Jonqui√®re. (2003). En qu√™te du sacr√© : patrimoine religieux Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean, un cheminement spirituel. [Jonqui√®re, Qu√©bec: Centre National d'exposition]. NA5246 S129 E56.2003

Collard, R. (1973). Dubuc et la compagnie de pulpe de Chicoutimi : (1896-1927). These (M A ) Universite de Sherbrooke, s.n.], [S.l.]. HD9769 W63 C6 C697 1973 C.1

Conseil du loisir scientifique du Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, B√©dard, R., Caron, J., Deschenes, J.-Y., Pomerleau, M., Riverin, S. & Groupe MADIE. (1999). Le lac Saint-Jean : portrait d’une mer int√©rieure. Alma: Conseil du loisir scientifique Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean : Groupe Madie. FC2945 S129.4 C755 1999

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