La communauté de l’UQAC en publications (avril 2017)

La liste ci-dessous recense les écrits et les collaborations à de la documentation scientifique ou académique de membres de la communauté universitaire de l’UQAC (professeurs, chargés de cours, chercheurs, étudiants, etc.).



Mohamed, A. M. A., Samuel, F. H., & Al Kahtanid, S. (2016). Thermal analysis and microstructures of modified grain-refined Al-7Si-Mg cast alloy. Dans Light Metals 2012 (pp. 339-344).

Poncsák, S., & Kiss, L. I. (2016). Mechanism of transport between the anode-bath interface and the active bubble generation sites in hall-héroult cells. Dans Light Metals 2012 (pp. 773-778).

Zedan, Y., Samuel, A. M., Samuel, F. H., & Alkahtani, S. (2016). Effects of Cu, Mg, and Sr additions on the mechanical properties and machinability of near-eutectic Al-11%S casting alloys. Dans Light Metals 2012 (pp. 321-326).


Actes de conférence

Benferhat, S., Chockler, H., Fabre, E., Fey, G., Gössler, G., Groce, A., Weissenbacher, G, Hallé, S. (2016). Preface. Communication présentée au Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, EPTCS.

Hallé, S., & Beroual, O. (2016, 8 April). Fault localization in web applications via model finding. Communication présentée au Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, EPTCS, Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Articles de revue

Akhavein, A., & Porkar, B. (2017). A composite generation and transmission reliability test system for research purposes. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 75, 331-337.

Boukhechba, M., Bouzouane, A., Gaboury, S., Gouin-Vallerand, C., Giroux, S., & Bouchard, B. (2017). A novel Bluetooth low energy based system for spatial exploration in smart cities. Expert Systems with Applications, 77, 71-82.

Chesnaux, R., Lambert, M., Walter, J., Dugrain, V., Rouleau, A., & Daigneault, R. (2017). A simplified geographical information systems (GIS)-based methodology for modeling the topography of bedrock: illustration using the Canadian Shield. Applied Geomatics, 9(1), 61-78.

Dao, M. C. E., Taita, P., & Walsh, D. (2017). Germination and seed traits variations among West African provenances of Moringa oleifera Lam. (Burkina Faso). African Journal of Agricultural Research, 12(9), 730-739.

Deschênes, G. (2017). Recension de l’ouvrage de Pierre Demers (2016). Vers une conscience nouvelle : éduquer pour humaniser. Saint-Adèle : Textes et contextes. Canadian Journal of Education / Revue canadienne de l’éducation, 40(1), 1-6.

Drolet, A. (2016). Le centre de formation professionnelle : une école en mutation et des enjeux éducatifs à débattre. Apprendre et enseigner aujourd’hui, 5(2), 32-36.

Elgallad, E. M., Zhang, Z., & Chen, X. G. (2017). Effect of quenching rate on precipitation kinetics in AA2219 DC cast alloy. Physica B: Condensed Matter, 514, 70-77.

Girard, A., Hudon, C., Poitras, M. E., Roberge, P., & Chouinard, M. C. (2017). Primary care nursing activities with patients affected by physical chronic disease and common mental disorders: a qualitative descriptive study. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 26(9-10), 1385-1394.

Guertin, C., Pelletier, L. G., Émond, C., & Lalande, G. (2017). Change in physical and psychological health over time in patients with cardiovascular disease: on the benefits of being self-determined, physically active, and eating well. Motivation and Emotion, 1-14.

Lalande, D., Vallerand, R. J., Lafreniere, M. A. K., Verner-Filion, J., Laurent, F. A., Forest, J., & Paquet, Y. (2017). Obsessive Passion: A Compensatory Response to Unsatisfied Needs. Journal of Personality, 85(2), 163-178.

Leone, M., Duvergé, S., Kalinova, É., Bui, H. T., & Comtois, A. S. (2017). Comparison of bioenergetics of walking during a multistage incremental shuttle walk test and a 6-min walk test in active older adults. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 29(2), 239-246.

Lu, Y., Kocaefe, D., Kocaefe, Y., Huang, X. A., & Bhattacharyay, D. (2017). The wettability of coke by pitches with different quinoline-insoluble contents. Fuel, 199, 587-597.

Lu, Y., Kocaefe, D., Kocaefe, Y., Huang, X. A., Bhattacharyay, D., & Coulombe, P. (2016). Study of the wettability of coke by different pitches and their blends. Energy and Fuels, 30(11), 9210-9216.

Maier, W. D., Prevec, S. A., Scoates, J. S., Wall, C. J., Barnes, S. J., & Gomwe, T. (2017). The Uitkomst intrusion and Nkomati Ni-Cu-Cr-PGE deposit, South Africa: trace element geochemistry, Nd isotopes and high-precision geochronology. Mineralium Deposita, 1-22.

Motamedi, M. R., Otis, M., & Duchaine, V. (2017). The Impact of Simultaneously Applying Normal Stress and Vibrotactile Stimulation for Feedback of Exteroceptive Information. Journal Of Biomechanical Engineering, 139(6).

Poncsák, S., Kiss, L. I., Guérard, S., & Bilodeau, J. F. (2017). Impact of the solidification rate on the chemical composition of frozen cryolite bath. Metals, 7(3).

Poon, A. H., Choy, D. F., Chouiali, F., Ramakrishnan, R. K., Mahboub, B., Audusseau, S., Hamid, Q., Laprise, C. (2017). Increased autophagy-related 5 gene expression is associated with collagen expression in the airways of refractory asthmatics. Frontiers in Immunology, 8(MAR).

Qin, J., Zhang, Z., & Chen, X. G. (2017). Hot Deformation and Processing Maps of Al-15%B4C Composites Containing Sc and Zr. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 26(4), 1673-1684.

Rossi, S., Anfodillo, T., Čufar, K., Cuny, H. E., Deslauriers, A., Fonti, P., Treml, V., Krause, C., Morin, H. (2016). Pattern of xylem phenology in conifers of cold ecosystems at the Northern Hemisphere. Global Change Biology, 22(11), 3804-3813.

Rossi, S., & Isabel, N. (2017). Bud break responds more strongly to daytime than night-time temperature under asymmetric experimental warming. Global Change Biology, 23(1), 446-454.

Schneider, T., Grosbois, G., Vincent, W. F., & Rautio, M. (2017). Saving for the future: Pre-winter uptake of algal lipids supports copepod egg production in spring. Freshwater Biology, 62(6), 1063–1072.

Wurzbacher, C., Nilsson, R. H., Rautio, M., & Peura, S. (2017). Poorly known microbial taxa dominate the microbiome of permafrost thaw ponds. The ISME Journal.

Yin, F., Farzaneh, M., & Jiang, X. (2017). Corona investigation of an energized conductor under various weather conditions. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 24(1), 462-470.


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