La communauté de l’UQAC en publications (octobre 2018)

La liste ci-dessous recense les écrits et les collaborations à de la documentation scientifique ou académique de membres de la communauté universitaire de l’UQAC (professeurs, chargés de cours, chercheurs, étudiants, etc.).


Livres ou chapitres de livres


Girard, C., & Brisson, C. (2018). Reconnaissance et exclusion des peuples autochtones au Québec : du traité d’alliance de 1603 à nos jours. Québec]: Presses de l’Université Laval.

St-Georges, L., & Kiss, L. I. (2018). Friction stir welding : principes and applications. Chicoutimi (Québec), Canada: Les Presses de l’aluminium.


Actes de conférence


Boivin, M., Buffin-Bélanger, T., & Arseneault, D. (2018, September 5-8). Using tree-rings to determine large wood residence time and transport pulses in a gravel-bed river. Communication présentée au E3S Web of Conferences – River Flow 2018 – Ninth International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, Lyon-Villeurbanne, France.

Kouame, K. M., & McHeick, H. (2018, 25-26 August). Overview of Software Adaptation Techniques; Guide Adaptation Pattern. Communication présentée au 2018 International Conference on Computer and Applications, ICCA 2018, Beirut, Lebanon.

Majid Hussain, M., Farokhi, S., McMeekin, S. G., & Farzaneh, M. (2018, 18-22 June). Contamination performance of high voltage outdoor insulators in harsh marine pollution environment. Communication présentée au IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference, Brighton, United Kingdom.


Articles de revue


Alyaldin, L., Abdelaziz, M. H., Samuel, A. M., Doty, H. W., Valtierra, S., & Samuel, F. H. (2018). Effect of Ni and Mn Additions on the Ambient and High-Temperature Performance of Zr-Containing Al–Si–Cu–Mg-Based Alloys: Role of Precipitation Hardening. International Journal of Metalcasting, 12(4), 825-838.

Alyaldin, L., Abdelaziz, M. H., Samuel, A. M., Doty, H. W., Valtierra, S., & Samuel, F. H. (2018). Effects of Alloying Elements and Testing Temperature on the Q-Index of Al–Si Based Alloys. International Journal of Metalcasting, 12(4), 839-852.

Bellemare, C. A., Dagenais, P., Bédard, S. K., Béland, J. P., Bernier, L., Daniel, C. E., … Patenaude, J. (2018). Ethics in health technology assessment: a systematic review. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care.

Bilodeau, J. S., Bouzouane, A., Bouchard, B., & Gaboury, S. (2018). An experimental comparative study of RSSI-based positioning algorithms for passive RFID localization in smart environments. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 9(5), 1327-1343.

Bouchard, K., Lapalu, J., Bouchard, B., & Bouzouane, A. (2018). Clustering of human activities from emerging movements: A flocking based unsupervised mining approach. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing.

Boucher, M.-A., Côté, H., Pichette, A., Ripoll, L., & Legault, J. (2018). Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Tussilago farfara (L.) essential oil from Quebec, Canada. Natural Product Research, 1-4.

Chehri, A., & Jeon, G. (2018). Optimal matching between energy saving and traffic load for mobile multimedia communication. Concurrency Computation.

Chehri, A., & Jeon, G. (2018). Real-time multiuser scheduling based on end-user requirement using big data analytics. Concurrency Computation.

Cherblanc, J. (2018). The Ethics and Religious Culture Program in Quebec, Canada: the Limits of a Cultural and Transversal Approach to Religions. Religious Education.

Chesnaux, R. (2018). Avoiding confusion between pressure front pulse displacement and groundwater displacement: Illustration with the pumping test in a confined aquifer. Hydrological Processes.

De Maeyer, J., & Trudel, D. (2018). @franklinfordbot: Remediating Franklin Ford. Digital Journalism.

Dizier, M.-H., Margaritte-Jeannin, P., Pain, L., Sarnowski, C., Brossard, M., Mohamdi, H., … Nadif, R. (2018). Interactive effect between ATPase-related genes and early-life tobacco smoke exposure on bronchial hyper-responsiveness detected in asthma-ascertained families. Thorax.

Ertz, M., Lecompte, A., & Durif, F. (2017). Dual roles of consumers: Towards an insight into collaborative consumption motives. International Journal of Market Research, 59(6), 725-748.

Gagnon, C., Heatwole, C., Hébert, L. J., Hogrel, J.-Y., Laberge, L., Leone, M., … Kierkegaard, M. (2018). Report of the third outcome measures in myotonic dystrophy type 1 (OMMYD-3) international workshop Paris, France, June 8, 2015. Journal Of Neuromuscular Diseases, 5(4), 523–537.

Guay, F., Pilote, P., Daigneault, R., & McNicoll, V. (2018). Early gold-bearing quartz veins within the rivière-héva fault zone, abitibi subprovince, Quebec, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 55(10), 1139-1157.

Guénard, B., Dumont, F., Fréchette, B., Francoeur, A., & Lucas, É. (2018). May furtive predation provide enemy free space in ant-tended aphid colonies? Plos One, 13(10), e0204019-e0204019.

Haesebaert, J., Samson, I., Lee-Gosselin, H., Guay-Bélanger, S., Proteau, J.-F., Drouin, G., … Légaré, F. (2018). How to engage patients in research and quality improvement in community-based primary care settings: protocol for a participatory action research pilot study. Research Involvement And Engagement, 4, 30-30.

Joober, H., Chouinard, M.-C., King, J., Lambert, M., Hudon, É., & Hudon, C. (2018). The Patient Experience of Integrated Care Scale: A Validation Study among Patients with Chronic Conditions Seen in Primary Care. International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC), 18(4), 1-8.

Li, Z., Zhang, Z., & Chen, X. G. (2018). Effect of Metastable Mg2Si and Dislocations on α-Al(MnFe)Si Dispersoid Formation in Al-Mn-Mg 3xxx Alloys. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, 49(11), 5799-5814.

Lukewich, J., Taylor, S., Poitras, M.-E., & Martin-Misener, R. (2018). Advancing Family Practice Nursing in Canada: An Environmental Scan of International Literature and National Efforts towards Competency Development. Nursing Leadership (Toronto, Ont.), 31(2), 66-78.

Nadaraia, N. S., Kakhabrishvili, M. L., Barbakadze, N. N., Mshvildadze, V. D., Sylla, B., Legault, J., & Pichette, A. (2018). Synthesis and Biological Activity of Steroidal Tigogenin Hydrazones and Pyrazolines. Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 54(5), 926-929.

Navarro, L., Harvey, A.-É., Ali, A., Bergeron, Y., & Morin, H. (2018). A Holocene landscape dynamic multiproxy reconstruction: How do interactions between fire and insect outbreaks shape an ecosystem over long time scales? Plos One, 13(10), e0204316-e0204316.

Poitras, M. E., Chouinard, M. C., Fortin, M., Girard, A., Crossman, S., & Gallagher, F. (2018). Nursing activities for patients with chronic disease in family medicine groups: A multiple‐case study. Nursing Inquiry, 25(4).

Röhr, M. E., Holmer, M., Baum, J. K., Björk, M., Chin, D., Chalifour, L., … Boström, C. (2018). Blue Carbon Storage Capacity of Temperate Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Meadows. Global Biogeochemical Cycles.

Vézina, H., St-Hilaire, M., Bournival, J. S., & Bellavance, C. (2018). The Linkage of Microcensus Data and Vital Records: an Assessment of Results on Quebec Historical Population Data (1852–1911). Historical Methods.


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