La communauté de l’UQAC en publication (mai 2012)

La bibliothèque Paul-Émile-Boulet est heureuse de présenter les parutions scientifiques du mois de mai publiées par les membres de la communauté universitaire de l’UQAC. Ces publications sont recensées dans les banques de données Web of Science et Scopus.

Aryanpour, G., Farzaneh, M., & Mrad, H. (2012). Finite element analysis of elastoplastic modeling: Application to one-dimensional loading of as-received and pre-strained materials. Acta Mechanica, 223(5), 911-922.

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Blasi, S., Menta, C., Balducci, L., Conti, F. D., Petrini, E., & Piovesan, G. (2012). Soil microarthropod communities from Mediterranean forest ecosystems in Central Italy under different disturbances. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 1-19.

Dare, S. A. S., Barnes, S. J., & Beaudoin, G. (2012). Variation in trace element content of magnetite crystallized from a fractionating sulfide liquid, Sudbury, Canada: Implications for provenance discrimination. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 88, 27-50.

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Huang, X., Kocaefe, D., Kocaefe, Y., Boluk, Y., & Pichette, A. (2012). Study of the degradation behavior of heat-treated jack pine (Pinus banksiana) under artificial sunlight irradiation. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 97(7), 1197-1214.

Lekounougou, S., & Kocaefe, D. (2012). Comparative study on the durability of heat-treated White Birch (Betula papyrifera) subjected to the attack of brown and white rot fungi. Wood Material Science and Engineering, 7(2), 101-106.

Mohamed, A. M. A., Samuel, F. H., & Alkahtani, S. (2012). Thermal analysis and microstructures of modified grain-refined Al-7Si-Mg cast alloy. Compte-rendu.

Poncsák, S., & Kiss, L. I. (2012). Mechanism of transport between the anode-bath interface and the active bubble generation sites in Hall-Héroult cells. Compte-rendu.

Richard, M. J., Khadir, L., & Bouazara, M. (2009). Study of dynamic behaviour of aluminum automotive parts. Compte-rendu.

Rossi, D., Mioni, E., Zancato, M., Bettero, A., & Rossi, S. (2012). Development of a tensiometric model for surface energy characterization of raw coffee beans. Journal of Food Engineering.

Wang, Z., Yang, B., Deslauriers, A., Qin, C., He, M., Shi, F., & Liu, J. (2012). Two phases of seasonal stem radius variations of Sabina przewalskii Kom. in northwestern China inferred from sub-diurnal shrinkage and expansion patterns. Trees – Structure and Function, 1-11.

Zedan, Y., Samuel, A. M., Samuel, F. H., & Alkahtani, S. (2012). Effects of Cu, Mg, and Sr additions on the mechanical properties and machinability of near-eutectic Al-11%S casting alloys. Compte-rendu.

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