La communauté de l’UQAC en publication (édition de décembre 2017)

La liste ci-dessous recense les écrits et les collaborations à de la documentation scientifique ou académique de membres de la communauté universitaire de l’UQAC (professeurs, chargés de cours, chercheurs, étudiants, etc.).


Livres ou rapports

Frozzini, J., & Law, A. (2017). Immigrant and migrant workers organizing in Canada and the United States : casework and campaigns in a neoliberal era. Lanham: Lexington Books.

l’ACFAS., C. d., Dumais, C., Bergeron, R., Pellerin, M., Lavoie, C., Allen, N., & Lafontaine, L. (2017). L’oral et son enseignement : pluralité des contextes linguistiques. Côte-Saint-Luc (Québec) Canada: Éditions Peisaj.


Articles de revue

Boucher, V. G., Parent, A.-A., St-Jean Miron, F., Leone, M., & Comtois, A. S. (2017). Comparison Between Power Off-Ice Test and Performance on-Ice Anaerobic Testing. Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research.

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Cave, B. J., Large, R. R., White, C. E., & McKnight, S. (2017). Does tungsten availability control the presence of tungsten in turbidite-hosted orogenic gold mineralization? Evidence from the meguma and Bendigo-Ballarat Terranes. Canadian Mineralogist, 55(6), 973-999.

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Foubert, A., Lecomte, F., Legendre, P., & Cusson, M. (2017). Spatial organisation of fish communities in the St. Lawrence River: a test for longitudinal gradients and spatial heterogeneities in a large river system. Hydrobiologia, 1-19.

Gu, J., Wang, X., Bai, J., Ding, J., Williams, S., Zhai, Y., & Liu, K. (2018). Deformation microstructures and strengthening mechanisms for the wire+arc additively manufactured Al-Mg4.5Mn alloy with inter-layer rolling. Materials Science and Engineering A, 712, 292-301.

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Paré, M. C., Legault, J., Pichette, A., Tremblay, C., & Aubut, M. (2017). Canadian goldenrod residues and extracts inhibit the growth of Streptomyces scabiei, the causal agent of potato common scab. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, 1-6.

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Pulido, L., & Morin, M. F. (2017). Invented spelling: what is the best way to improve literacy skills in kindergarten? Educational Psychology, 1-17.

Ruesink, J. L., Stachowicz, J. J., Reynolds, P. L., Boström, C., Cusson, M., Douglass, J., Duffy, J. E. (2017). Form-function relationships in a marine foundation species depend on scale: A shoot to global perspective from a distributed ecological experiment. Oikos.

Samuel, A. M., Samuel, F. H., Doty, H. W., & Valtierra, S. (2017). Effect of Fe, Sr, P, Ti and undercooling on the precipitation of β-Al5FeSi in A319.2 type alloys. International Journal of Metalcasting, 11(4), 675-687.

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Zhang, Y., Huang, X., Zhang, Y., Yu, Y., & Yu, W. (2017). Scrimber board (SB) manufacturing by a new method and characterization of SB’s mechanical properties and dimensional stability. Holzforschung.


*Pour certains titres, vous devez choisir parmi les bases de données qui offrent le titre en question pour y avoir accès.

**En dehors des murs de l’UQAC, votre numéro d’usager et mot de passe de la bibliothèque sont nécessaires pour accéder à ces ressources.

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