Description of the trophy

The work of fine art that accompanies the Masoud Farzaneh Award is the creation of renowned artist Giuseppe Benedetto. His approach is based on the symbolic iconography of objects as they represent times, ideas or memories.  Mr. Benedetto manipulates molten glass with steel, aluminum, granite and bronze into the desired forms, which requires a deep knowledge of the materials, a remarkable physical dexterity as well as a flawless artistic sense to exploit the tension between fragile and durable materials.

The glass sculpture created for the Award consists of a pyramid supporting a disk, representing an electrical pylon and an insulator. The terrestrial globe at the center stands for the worldwide scope of cold climate research, and its yellow-orange aura symbolizes heat and energy. The flash of lightning through the icy poles symbolizes electricity, the source of life on earth as well as the inspiration for the Award. It should be noted that each trophy is unique and and done by hand by the artist.