A presentation award for Andrée-Anne!

AHT prix

Andrée-Anne Hudon-Thibault, post-doctoral fellow, won the best poster award in the category PhD and post-doctoral fellow on november 12 at the Journée Scientifique: Vivre l’intersectorialité en santé organised by the Centre Intersectoriel en Santé Durable (CISD). Her poster was on foetal programmation of cardiovasculary diseases and depression. Congratulations Andrée-Anne!


A master degree award for Mathieu!


Mathieu Simard, in the second year of master degree, was awarded with a studentship complement of the Quebec Respiratory Health Network (RSR) of 5000$ for his master degree project on the development of a genetic risk score to evaluate the risk of developping atopic dermatitis or the atopic march in two canadian cohorts. Congratulations Mathieu!


A post-doctoral fellowship award for Andrée-Anne!

Andreanne Hudon-Thibault

Andrée-Anne Hudon Thibeault was awarded with a post-doctoral fellowship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research of 40 000$ per year for the three next years to complete her post-doctoral fellow at the Canada Research Chair in Environment and Genetics of Respiratory Diseases and Allergy.She is working on a project on placental epigenetic modifications in the fetal programming of depression and cardiovascular alterations following in utero exposure to pre-eclampsia. Congratulations Andrée-Anne!


A major grant for the research project on epidermolysis bullosa simplex!

eb research partnership

A grant of 385 000$ has been awarded  by the EB Research Partnership and the EB Medical Research Foundation in partnership with the Oros Family to fund the project on correction of mutations causing EBS using the genome editing approcah CRISPR-cas9. This project is lead by the invited researcher  Mbarka Bchetnia and the funding will help to continue this project as well as contributing to the training of students. Congratulations!


A grant from the GDPL foundation for the project on epidermolysis bullosa simplex!


A research grant of 25 000$ was awarded by the Fondation du grand défi Pierre Lavoie to support the work on epidermolysis bullosa simple (EBS) supervosed by the invited researcher Mbarka Bchtenia. This project aim to correct causative mutations of EBS by correcting the DNA. Congratulations!