Professeurs chercheurs

 Research Professors

 Research Professors from UQAC

    - M. Farzaneh, electrical engineering
    - C. Volat, electrical engineering
    - D. Bussières, chemistry

 Research Professors from other canadian universities

-         B. Robertson, Chemistry, University of Calgary

-         E David, electrical engineering, École de Technologie Supérieure, Montréal

-         Jayaram Shesha, electrical engineering, University of Waterloo
  Research Professors from other countries

    - A. Béroual and A. Thomas, Ampère Laboratory, École centrale de Lyon, France
    - E. Gockenbach and H. Borsi, electrical engineering, University of Hanover, Germany
    - V. Arakelian, All Russian Institute of Electrotechnology, Russia
 Donors (for research data, please visit the Private section)

     - Canada Research Chair Program, CRC, Canada

     - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, UQAC, Canada

      - J. Kingston, Jaxon Filtration, United States
    - J. Cross, Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc, United States
    - J. Sabau, InsOil, Canada

 Industrial Collaborators


-         J. Sabau, InsOil, Canada

-         E. Briossoe, CTM Salto Grande, Urugay

-         Richard Sy, GES, Manila, Philippines

-         V. Wasserberg, Trafoberatung, Germany




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