With the support of the Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI) and the Government of Quebec, ISOLIME has purchased a certain

With the support of the Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI), the Government of Quebec and UQAC, ISOLIME has purchased a certain number of equipments, include, but not limited:

Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer FRAX101.


Dehydrating and degassing unit developed at UQAC

Un détecteur de décharges partielles

Un coulomètre Karl Fisher (KF831) pour la mesure de la teneur en eau des isolants liquides et solides

Insulation Diagnostic : FDS (IDA 200)

Recorvery Voltage Meter (RVM)


Test cells for solid and liquid dielectric with temperature monitor



Spectrophotmeter UV-vis.

Capillary Viscosimeter for the measurement of degree of polymerisation of cellulose (used in transformers)

Mechanical convection oven


             Polarization/Depolarization Current Analyser developed at the UQAC

ISOLIME has also the opportunity of using important research facilities of the International Research Centre on Atmospheric Icing and Power Network Engineering (CENGIVRE), located on the campus of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC), Qc, Canada. The HV laboratory at the UQAC is one of the largest in Canada, with a very reputed faculty base and available research support.
Diverse resources are also available on the UQAC’s campus. Additional resources are also available from other laboratories/research centers, for example:
- The CIGELE/INGIVRE  for HV facilities (350 kV test transformer, 120 kV test transformer, Modular impulse system up to 200 kV, short-circuit transformer (up to 2000 A), standard lightning impulse 800 kV @ 60 kJ, Infrared camera, Corona camera, Photomultipliers, High speed cameras, spectrograph, AFM,…).
- the chemistry laboratories for HPLC, infrared spectrometers,...
- and Aluminun research center (CURAL) and AMIL  for mechanical testing equipments (tensile strength, interfacial tension, DSC,…).




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