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Émilie Lavoie

Émilie Lavoie, M.Sc.
Fish Ecology
Email: lavoie3m@hotmail.com
Master research while in LASA (Français)

I am a Master’s student in Ressources renouvelables under the supervision of Pascal Sirois and co-supervised by Isabelle Thibeault (Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks MFFP).

The objective of my project is to assess the impact of stocking over the growth and feeding of the brook trout using stable isotopes and otolith readings. Fish stocking is largely used in the province of Quebec to satisfy sport fishing. The brook trout is the most stocked species in that province. Despite the socio-economical advantages, brook trout stocking isn’t without consequences on its exploited populations. Several studies have also demonstrated the loss of genetic diversity and fitness in populations of salmonids following the medium- and long-term stocking. Other factors may also be affected by this practice as reproduction, recruitment, feeding and growth rates. My research is incorporated into a bigger project grouping many researchers and will allow a better comprehension of the global impact of stocking on the populations of brook trout to optimise the gestion of that important resource.

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi