Tommy Larouche

Tommy Larouche, M.Sc.
Fish Ecology
Master project while in LASA (Français)

I’m currently working on my master project supervised by Pascal Sirois. My principal field of study and my interest treat of the ecology of freshwater fish. Particularly, I work on the early life history of fish to understand the processes which may influence their recruitment. Among these processes, the connectivity of population upon pelagic larval stage seems to be very interesting to look what happen in the vast and complex fluid environment.

My study field is the freshwater portion of one of the largest rivers in the North America, the St. Lawrence River. The objectives of my master project are to describe the larval dispersal, to identify the critical larval habitats and to estimate the degree of connectivity between these habitats during the pelagic larval stage for yellow perch (Perca flavescens). To achieve these objectives, we will use the otolith chemistry approach to describe habitats encounter by fish larvae during their dispersal stage.  Understanding the impacts of connectivity on fish population dynamics is central to improve management and conservation strategies for exploited stocks

Publications, last updated 2014

Peer reviewed journal

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Scientific communication

Larouche, T., Plourde-Lavoie, P., Sirois, P., Lecomte, F., Mingelbier, M. 2012. Larval fish dispersion and population connectivity in a large fluvial ecosystem, the St. Lawrence River. 36th Annual Larval Fish Conference, Bergen, Norway, 2-6 July 2012. PDF

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Université du Québec à Chicoutimi