Laetitia Joseph

Laetitia Joseph, M.Sc.
Benthic Ecology
Email: laetitiajoseph7@gmail.com
Master project while in LASA (Français)

Since the 50’s, there has been a rising interest to a better understanding of the relationship between the biodiversity and the stability of ecosystems. The stability of an ecosystem is linked to the resistance and resilience of that ecosystem against disturbances. Since many ecosystems are dominated by anthropic activities, human impacts lead to consequences on the maintenance of the functioning of the ecosystems. Such impacts can occasion pollution, destruction or modification of the habitat and alter biogeochemical cycles. They are disturbances that stress the communities causing a possible loss of biodiversity.

The St-Lawrence estuary is not an exception to human impacts. My research focuses on the resistance of the benthic populations of the rocky intertidal zone of the St-Lawrence for a better understanding of the structure and function of that ecosystem. Three disturbances are applied on a local scale : enrichment, loss of grazers and loss of canopy cover. I hope the results will bring a better understanding of the stability of the intertidal ecosystem of the St-Lawrence and thus lead to a better management of human activities in that region.

I did my bachelor degree in biology and master degree in oceanography at the University of Liège, Belgium. I am interested in marine sciences and impact studies on ecosystems for a better management of human activities leading to the protection of the environment.

Publications, last update in 2012

Joseph, L. and Cusson M. 2012. Food preferences of grazers (Littorina) in the intertidal zone: what is known (in preparation).

Joseph, L and Cusson M., 2011. Résistance et résilience des communautés benthiques : rôle des perturbations et des espèces clés. Poster presented at the annual conference of Québec Océan on 17 and 18 November 2011 in Québec, Canada.

Joseph, L. 2009. Application of the PREI index in the bay of Calvi (Corsica) : limits and perspectives. Master thesis in Oceanography, University of Liège, Belgium (67pages).

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi