Professors Research subject
Mathieu Cusson Marine Ecology
Milla Rautio Freshwater Biology
PostDoctoral fellows Research subject Project Leader
Guillaume Grosbois Ecosystem Health of Arctic Freshwaters MR
PHD Students Research subject Project Leader
Sarah Amaudrut Influence of environmental charges on fatty acids stocks and composition in freshwater plankton MR
Paola Ayala MR
Stéphanie Cimon Multiple stressors’ effect on intertidal benthic communities MC
Maxime Wauthy Influence of thawing permafrost on zooplankton in subarctic freshwaters MR
Master students Research subject Project Leader
Elise Imbeau Freshwater ice algae MR
Crysta Rhainds Fatty acids and isotopes as indicators of the St-Lawrence River Health MR
Peter Schmidmayer Environmental stress impact on coastal benthic communities of the Estuary MC
Bachelor Student Research subject Project Leader
Mathieu Archambault Zooplankton identification, chl-a and CDOM analyses in boreal and arctic lakes MR
Pénélope Blackburn-Desbiens Growth, reproduction and quality of daphnia magna fatty acids in the presence of St. Lawrence River water MR
Maggie Potvin MC
associate professional Research subject Project Leader

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi