Fish ecology

Ecology of Freshwater, Estuarine and Marine Fish
Pascal Sirois, Ph. D.


Research Chair on exploited aquatic species

Research field

Why and how the abundance of animal populations fluctuate? This fundamental question in ecology become very important when it is applied to exploited populations. The main objective of my research is to identify and quantify factors that control the abundance of fish population, especially exploited stocks. I am interested in freshwater, estuarine and marine species but in
Forest_project_Nets_on_Boatthe context of my Research Chair on exploited aquatic species (RCEAS), I focus on freshwater and diadromous game fish from Quebec waters. The RCEAS aim to acquire new knowledge in order to develop and optimize management tools for fish stocks. The long-term objective is to tend toward a predictive management of fish stocks in order to optimize the benefits from the exploitation without affecting fisheries resources for future generations. In my research, all stages in fish life cycle are examined but I am particularly interested in early life stages (larvae and juveniles) because they are very important for recruitment.

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