Bienvenue à l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi


A multicultural campus

While walking down the halls of UQAC, it is common at the beginning of the year to hear students speaking Mandarin, English or Spanish. With over 1 000 students of 60 different nationalities on campus, a great mixture of cultures and knowledge come together to join a Quebecois student life. Foreign students can enroll as regular students or via one of the 200 partnership agreements UQAC has with other universities around the world, and complete studies sometimes leading to a double diploma.

International presence facts and figures

Open to the world for 20 years

In addition to bringing students here, some of our programs are exported abroad thanks to the agreements developed with other foreign universities. UQAC is one of the leading and most active Canadian universities in so-called Cross-Border Higher Education (CBHE). To this date, UQAC has awarded diplomas to more than 6500 students outside of Quebec, mostly from countries such as China, Morocco, Colombia, Lebanon and Senegal. Some programs such as the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or the Master's Degree in Project Management, have been running for more than a decade and have earned themselves a strong reputation abroad.

Although they may be far from Saguenay, students enrolled in cross-border programs obtain a UQAC diploma, coupled with their diploma from the partner university in their own country. Furthermore, the involvement of our professors in international projects is continually growing, and so in many areas.

As a consequence of this openness towards the world, our academic staff has become more and more used to the globalization of knowledge and can in return advise our community of the many changes occurring in the world and help us better adapt to it.

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