The International Academy for Body Image, Eating Problems and Health was established in 2016. The Academy is comprised of researchers who are committed to understanding the etiology of both body image concerns and eating problems. Current members are from Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Research determining appropriate target variables and ages for interventions is conducted by members. Understanding the interrelationships between body image, eating problems and health is a further important aspect of the research. Members of the Academy conduct research on model building and testing of theory, development of measurement techniques as well as interventions, including randomised controlled trials. The focus of this research is on the multiple aspects of body image, eating problems (to lose weight or gain muscles) among males and females across the lifespan who are underweight, normal weight and overweight/obese. An annual meeting occurs in different countries each year, with one of the major aims of this meeting to discuss the conduct of international, collaborative studies central to the vision of the Academy. Conferences have been held in Palermo, Sicily and Montreal, Canada. For further information about the activities of the Academy, contact one of the members.