Research orientation

Icing and material engineering

  • Studies related to icing of electrical networks, aircraft, airport runways and other structures (wind turbines, bridges…)
  • Development of icing instrumentation
  • Development of de-icing and anti-icing strategies
  • Preventive methods against adhesion and accumulation of ice and snow
  • Smart coatings, functional materials, antibacterial, antifouling, anti-aging and degradation, anticorrosive…
  • Geo-mechanics of northern environments and risk assessment related to natural hazards (ice, earthquakes, permafrost…)
  • Mechanical behavior of ice, geo-materials
  • Performance of standardized tests according to ASTM, AMS and ISO standards.

Power engineering

  • Study of aging/degradation of dielectric materials and development/improvement of advanced diagnostic methods for power equipment (transformers, bushings, insulators, alternators, capacitors, etc.)
  • Development of fully automated methods that fit perfectly with the current trend of developing smart electrical networks for increased reliability and controlled failure rates
  • Numerical modeling of high voltage equipment
  • Identification and control of electric machines
  • Study and design of wind energy conversion systems
  • Large-scale grid integration of renewable energies
  • Power system protection
  • Performance of standardized tests according to ASTM and IEC standards


CENGIVRE members actively participate in international committees that establish and approve standard procedures.