David Almagro
PhD student (INIA-ICIFOR, CSIC, Spain)
MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology (2020, UPO, Spain)
Research interests: xylogenesis, plant phenology, wood anatomy. I study the wood formation process and cambial phenology in mixed stands of two of the most important Mediterranean species (P. sylvestris and Q. pyrenaica) at their ecotone in central Spain. I investigate the intra-annual growth dynamics of the two species during the last decade, especially the extreme years, and assess the future vulnerability to global change

Yu Zhou
PhD student (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Master in Civil Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Research Interests: geography, glaciology, and climatology. I focus on rock glacier formation, the interaction between glaciers and permafrost, and their response to climate change in high mountains. My current research focuses on transitions from glacial to periglacial processes caused by retreating alpine glaciers and the possible formation mechanisms of glaciogenic rock glaciers.

Larissa Chacon Dória
Postdoctoral fellow
PhD in Science (2019, University of Leiden, The Netherlands)
MSc in Botany (2014, UNESP, Brazil)
My research stands on the crossway between plant vascular structure and function. I am interested in understanding how plants respond to drought stress via adaptation to their hydraulic architecture. I aim to understand how the variation of cell patterns in wood and bark are related to the daily water potential variation and the pattern of leaf flush after the dry season in the Brazilian savanna (Cerrado). My research contributes to assess how the vascular (ultra)anatomical traits are ultimately related to the ecological performance of Cerrado species

Rosario Guzmán Marín
PhD student
Master in Water Resources (Universidad Austral de Chile, 2019)
I have a wide interest in ecology, from plant to ecosystem. I work with the functional traits of plants, and in particular on the combined effects of water and temperature on growth and wood anatomy of temperate forest species from South America. The aim of my thesis is to assess the intraspecific variations along the latitudinal distribution ranges of forest species

Aya Garfa
PhD student in Environmental Sciences (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Master in Chemistry and Bioindustries
My research focuses on the metabolomic characterization of the chemical composition of maple sap and maple syrup. My research includes the influence of species, region and harvest time on the chemical contents of sap, a kinetic study of syrup production via three distinct processes, and the identification and suppression of the components causing the modification of syrup quality occurring at the end of the season

Debora Coelho Da Silva
PhD student (São Paulo State University, Brazil)
Master in Forest and Environmental Sciences (2020, Federal University of Amazonas, Brazil)
My research interest is related to xylem anatomy, tree physiology, and plant hydraulics. I work with Amazonian forest species, investigating how the anatomy and physiology of trees vary in response to a light gradient. My aim is to assess how microclimatic variation influences the xylem anatomy, resistance to embolism and whether there is coordination between the functional characteristics of species from different ecological groups.

Talita Angélico
PhD student in Forest Resources (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Master in Biological Sciences – Botanic (2010, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil)
Experience in ecological wood anatomy, environmental education; planning and management of urban forestry. My current research focuses on the influence of electric power companies’ initiatives on tree structure and composition in cities of the Sao Paulo State

Samuel Robin
Master student (Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue)
B.Sc Agronomy (Université Laval)
My research interests are in forestry, ecophysiology, and agronomy. I evaluate the impact of different temperature scenarios representing climate change over the next century on the germination and establishment of boreal species. The results will define the limits of species in the context of climate change. My project improves the strategies of forest management and seedling production for seedlings better adapted to future climate scenarios.

Jiani Gao
PhD student
Master in Physical Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Research Interests: Assessing the influences of climate variations and natural disturbances on the dynamics of temperate forests along climatic gradients. I focus on intra-annual dynamic of wood formation, dendrometers, microcoring and the variability in xylem anatomy response to climate change in water-deficit areas. My current research focuses on the kinetic of tracheid development and false ring formation under drought events in the semi-arid China.

Lei Chen
Researcher at the Sichuan University, China
PhD (2018, Hokkaido University, Japan)
Experience: plant phenology, dendroecology, xylem formation.
My research focuses on the effect of global climate change on tree growth based on phenology and tree-ring width. Researchgate

Other students and colleagues: Xiali Guo, Valentina Mogavero, Marcin Klisz, Minhui He, Peter Prislan, Shaokang Zhang, Margarita Popkova, Rayees Malik, Anam Usmani, Nita Dyola, Liu Shushan, Qiqi Du