Gürün or Gurin

It has a town at the foot of a mountain ruled by Chapanoghlu, through which a stream passes. It has a Turkish population. The number of Armenian houses is 400-500. The majority of Armenians are traders, especially bringing linen from Trabzon, that they clean and whiten in Gurin before shipping to Adana and the surrounding regions. They wear long and narrow-angled hats called "kulah". Their dialect is unusal and different than the other Armenian dialects, especially from a pronunciation point of view. They like to read a lot and are willing to study. They have a church in town, and outside the town they have a large monastery near Kangal that is believed to have been built during Saint Gregory's time. Apples grown in Gurin are big and tasty and, therefore, are distributed to various regions.

Fr. Ghoukas Indjidjian
Venice, 1806, "Geography of the four parts of the world"

Credits: The above text was translated by an Armenian from Turkey who prefers to remain anonymous. Denis Der Sarkissian is responsible for making it available. Edits by Luc Vartan Baronian.