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Unrefereed publications

*Chartier-Montreuil, W., Dare, S.A.S., Barnes, S.-J., and Stevenson, R.  (2017). Characterisation of rare earth elements in apatite from the Lac à Paul P-Ti deposit, Saguenay-Lac St. Jean, Quebec, p. 25 – 41 In : Wavrant, L.-M., Sappin, A.-A., Beland, C.M.J., *Chartier-Montreuil, W., Fleury, F., Zhao, P., Beaudoin, G., Barnes, S.-J., Cheng, L.Z., Chouteau, M., Constantin, M., Dare, S., Dupuis, C., Stevenson, R., Williams-Jones, A.E. (2017) Projet Terres Rares au Québec : Rapport final, par le Réseau DIVEX pour le Ministère de l’Energie et Ressources naturelles, 190 pp.

Dare, S.A.S., Ames, D.E., Lightfoot, P.C., Barnes, S.-J. and Beaudoin, G. (2015). Trace elements in Fe- oxide minerals from fertile and barren igneous complexes: Investigation their use as a vectoring tool for Ni-Cu-PGE sulphide mineralization. In: ‘Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4: Canadian Nickel-Copper- Platinum Group Elements-Chromium Ore Systems – Fertility, Pathfinders, New and Revised models, (eds) D.E. Ames and M.G. Houlé; Geological Survey of Canada, Open File Report 7856, 175-185. DOI: 10.4095/296674

Dare, S.A.S., Ames, D.E., Lightfoot, P.C., Barnes, S.-J. and Beaudoin, G. (2014). Mineral chemistry and supporting databases for TGI4 project on ‘Trace elements in Fe-oxides from fertile and barren igneous complexes: Investigating their use as a vectoring tool in the intrusions that host Ni-Cu-PGE deposits”. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File Report 7538, 46 p. DOI: 10.4095/293640

Ames, D.E., Dare, S.A.S., Hanley, J.J., Hollings, P., Jackson, S.E., Jugo, P.J., Kontak, D.J., Linnen, R.L. and Samson, I.M. (2012) Update on research activities in the Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4 magmatic- hydrothermal nickel-copper-platinum group elements ore system sub-project: system fertility and ore vectors. In Summary of Field Work and Other activities 2012, Ontario Geological Survey, Open File Report 6280, p. 41-1 to 41-11.

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