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IEEE CEIDP 2013 Executive Membership

Professor Fofana has been recently appointed as a new member of the executive Committee of the IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP). Click here to access the list of members.

Progress Report

The Canada Research Chair ISOLIME’s has been renewed for a second mandate (2010 – 2015). Click here to access the program of the Canada Research Chair (CRC).

Parc Technologique des Sciences Appliquées

ISOLIME moved into a new laboratory with more space, more suitable for the research activities involving the use of advanced equipment, the Parc technologique des sciences appliqués, in July 2011


Private Area






The Canada Research Chair (CRC), tier 2, on Insulating Liquids and Mixed Dielectrics for Electrotechnology (ISOLIME) is active

The Canada Research Chair (CRC), tier 2, on Insulating Liquids and Mixed Dielectrics for Electrotechnology (ISOLIME) is active since September 2005. This CRC involves evaluating performance of insulating liquids and Mixed Dielectrics by using scientifically sustainable laboratory techniques. The related research programs have access to the diverse resources available on the campus as well as equipments provided by collaborators. Combining a variety of techniques (high tech optical, electrical, mechanical as well as physical and chemical diagnostic tools), the team of ISOLIME plans to help make the existing systems more reliable.

By studying the impact of electrical, thermal, mechanical, environmental and chemical stress on insulating liquids, new methods to hinder the oxidation decay of oil-paper insulation will be tested. Thus, the service reliability of aging power transformers considered capital investments in every country infrastructure can be enhanced and their life expectancy extended. Emphasis will be laid on the development and improvement of diagnostics and monitoring tools.

An additional objective is to foster the development of new products, including biodegradable liquids with proven dielectric properties. By knowing more about the mechanisms of aging and deterioration processes of insulating materials, system operators will be in a better position to make appropriate decisions to avoid blackouts. Another important objective is to train highly qualified personnel, in this field of strategic importance for the economy in Canada and especially in developing countries.

Chairholder : Issouf Fofana
Phone number : (418) 545-5011 ext. 2514



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