Lab group

Siddhartha Khare
Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD (2017, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India)
My research interest is to analyse forest diversity using multi-source, multi-temporal remote sensing data . My main research focuses on dense time series analysis of phenology, invasive plant species identification, mapping and biodiversity assessment of moist deciduous forests in the Western Himalaya, India. Current research focuses on for the spatial characterization of tree growth by the integration of spatially-continuous variables and to describe the spatial pattern of tree phenology and radial growth across the boreal forest

Ren Ping
Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD (2017, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Research Interests: Forest productivity in dry environments. My research includes assessments of the temperature and precipitation thresholds for xylem phenology, and the contribution of growth rate on woody biomass production of semi-arid forests on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau, China. My current research focuses on the radial growth of forests of Northern hemisphere experiencing drought stress using tree-ring and remote sensing global data

Angelo Fierravanti
PhD student in Biology
Master in Forestry and Environment Sciences, 2014, Università del Molise, Italy
My studies focus on defining the tree physiology of black spruce and balsam fir subjected to spruce budworm defoliation in the boreal forest

Valentina Buttò
PhD student
Master in Forest Sciences, Università di Padova, Italy
My research concerns the study of the factors involved in tree-ring formation in the boreal forest and how their variations affect the final tree-ring features. Based on different modeling approaches, I assess the influence of temporal dynamics on cell traits to test how much developmental and environmental factors affect the process of tree-ring formation. My expertise spreads from wood anatomy data extraction and manipulation, to data analysis and code vectorization for the analysis of big datasets. I am moderator of Utilisat’Rs, a technical assistance and knowledge-sharing weekly group for the use of the statistical software R

Enrick Potiron
PhD Student
Master in Forestry, Agronomy, and Environment Management, Specialty in Forestry, 2017, Université de Lorraine, France
My research focuses on water relationships in trees of both natural and experimental stands in Quebec and Ontario in a context of climate changes. I am developing home-made tools like point dendrometers, sap flow probes, and Arduino dataloggers to monitor the stem radius variation or sap flow during the growing season.

Elodie Bettembos
MSc Student
Bachelor in Ecology and Organisms’ Biology, University of Rouen-Normandie, France
My research interests involve the impacts of global changes on the forest ecology and conservation biology, and the implications for forest management. My current study focuses on the large-scale environmental drivers explaining the spatio-temporal variation in leaf phenology of sugar maple across its natural distribution in North America, based on remote sensing data.