The research interests of professors involved in the Laboratory of Aquatic Sciences (LASA) focus on understanding the interlinked ecological components within northern freshwater and marine systems. Studying these aquatic environments from differing perspectives fosters a synergy among the LASA research team.

LASA’s main research objective is to understand the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems within boreal, arctic and subarctic environments. The research program involves two axes of research:

Benthic Marine Ecology
Mathieu Cusson, Ph. D.



Ecology of Lakes in Northern and Arctic Environments
Milla Rautio, Ph. D.



Moreover, LASA’s research is included into the scientific program of the Centre de Recherche de la Boréalie (CREB) as well as of strategic clusters Quebec-Ocean and Centre d’études nordiques (CEN).

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi